Leverage the power of Generative AI in your DevOps practice and watch your engineering productivity soar




Leverage the power of Generative AI in your DevOps practice and watch your engineering productivity soar


Start automating your DevOps

Join Warren, our CTO as he walks through the powers of Generative AI for monitoring by automating GitHub issues with ease!

Autimo at a glance

We manage your cloud, so you can focus on adding value.

Implementing DevOps & automation tools, techniques and processes dramatically improves delivery times, increases productivity and drives down the overall cost of both development and operations giving you back more of your most precious resource, time.

We’ll be your cloud consultant to deliver efficiency, enabling you and your team to do more with the resources you already have.

How we can help

Your Cloud Consulting Partner


Cloud Solutions Architecture

Design and implement a cloud architecture that aligns with your business goals with our expert guidance

Cloud Migration Services

Efficiently and securely migrate your workloads to the cloud with our comprehensive cloud migration services

Cloud DevOps & Automation

Optimize and automate your cloud environment with our DevOps and automation services


Containerization & Kubernetes

Improve scalability and security with our containerization and Kubernetes services

Cloud Security & Governance

Build your cloud platform with our expertise, ensuring scalability and security.

Cloud Recruiting & Staffing

Find the right cloud talent to support your business and drive growth.

Data Engineering

Gain insights and make data-driven decisions with our cloud logging and reporting services.


Cloud Monitoring and Logging

Stay informed and proactive with our cloud monitoring and alerting services.

Cloud Managed Operations

Keep your cloud environment running smoothly with our ongoing managed services and support.

Don’t wait any longer, take advantage of our expert services today and see the benefits for yourself. Contact us to find out more and get started.

Who we are

We combine Generative AI and DevOps to solve business problems

At Autimo we seek to understand business needs before diving into solutions. As cloud specialists we can be your AWS, Azure and GCP consultants, finding the right tools and services to meet your unique requirements.

Let's work together to deliver results and raise the technical bar of your team

Our specialized team of cloud certified engineers can unlock the potential of your development teams

Why choose us for your technology projects?

Our clients trust us with their most business-critical applications, and here are a few reasons why

The Right Solution

We help teams select the most effective option for their needs and environment. Work with us to ensure integration with current solutions and process, while ensuring freedom to scale and meet future requirements.


We ensure that our team stay up to date with the latest in cloud knowledge and certifications across our key cloud partners at Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. This ensures you are getting the most advantage from new tools and techniques.

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Release the Potential of your Team

Education is at our core. Through a process of on-the-job training and knowledge transfer we aim to ensure the internal continuity of the work we do. 'A rising tide lifts all boats'!

Customer Obsessed

Most importantly we're obsessed with ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience from the moment we have our first intro call to the very last handoff chat and beyond.


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